vOnTrack (Web Based Task Tracking Product - ASP/SQL SERVER)

This product is meant to enable members working as a team to issue/forward tasks to each other as well as track the status of those tasks. The software includes workflow capabilities and option to attach Notes to tasks with version capability.

vOnTrack is a fully Web-based system providing:

  • Tracking
           Tracking reported bugs, defects, business issues, enhancement requests, etc.
  • Workflow
           Automatic routing and notification to get issues resolved.
  • Process enforcement

  •         Managing and enforcing your company's process of resolving issues.
  • Status
            Up-to-the-minute project information and status, reports and charts to team members, project leaders, and managers everywhere to foster better communication and collaboration.

  • Communication
           Facilities for assigning tasks to defined work groups and Sharing knowledge.

  • Accountability
           History and audit trail.
The product has complete support to automate the entire software development process also.

eXpense Pro -Web Based Travel Expense Reporting System (ASP/SQL SERVER)

A web based product which enables Companies to define their Travel Expense Policies and customised workflows for review and approval of expense reports submitted by employees. The system provides extensive workflows that accommodates both the rules and the exceptions.

The system allows employees to know where their expense request is in the approval process and where they stand against the budget. The system automatically Flags the travel expense items that are in violation of the defined Policy and this is of immense benefit to the supervisors who are to review/approve travel expense reports.

The system permits Management Auditing of expenses by way of comprehensive reports.