Delivery models

Delivery Models

When it comes to working with a offshore partner, the comfort level and preferences may vary from client to client. Indonet totally appreciates this fact and is comfortable working on various models as explained below

  • Onsite
  • Offshore
  • Hybrid
  • ODC

Onsite Model

Indonet can provide IT resources like programmers, Project managers and technical architects to carry out onsite services. These resources will be a part of the onsite project team and would report to the project manager who is part of the client's organization. The resources can be provided for short term needs like few months to long term needs of a year or more.

This model is suitable for projects which call for tighter coordination, evolving functionality or higher confidentiality.

Offshore Model

This model enables clients to utilize the infrastructure and manpower of Indonet Global in India to execute their projects. The onsite model can be a component of the offshore model. Here, the client provides a clear spec and agree on milestones with Indonet.

Indonet will be incharge of managing the resources and deadlines on a total turnkey basis. The client can monitor the progress through an extranet. In a technically advanced environment Indonet can also regularly check the code into a version control server, allowing the client or any third party appointed there on to review the code.

This way, Indonet can monitor the overall progress, execution, quality and delivery of the project and meet the customer's expectations at a much lower cost than a full onsite or a combination of onsite and offshore model.

Hybrid Model

If a client finds the onsite model costly and the offshore model too risky he can always settle for a hybrid model, whereby part of the resources are based onsite enabling the clients to have a better control over the system and ensuring better scoping.

Under this model, Indonet can initially deploy resources working onsite and 3-6 months down the line, carry the remaining work offshore. Indonet can also carry out the entire programming work offshore and then undertake training, implementation and testing onsite at the customer location. Our combination of onsite and offshore services enable us to use our talent and technical expertise in the most effective combination to meet the demands of application development services using the hybrid delivery model.

Offshore development center ( ODC ) model

This model provides the comfort of a dedicated team but at far lower cost. Here Indonet will be willing a commit a team of professionals, approved by the client to work like an extension of a client's development team. The team will report to a project manager in the client's organization and follow his instructions in developing the applications. The team will be kept physically separate from the rest of Indonet's team to provide confidentiality. All the expenses of the team will be bourne by the client, regardless of the volume of the work and the deadlines.
The ODC concept is beneficial to those clients who are interested in a long-term association with Indonet. The ODC can be signed for a period ranging from 1 year or more depending upon the customer's needs. But the clients can always run a pilot for 2-3 months before signing on a ODC contract.