Pricing Models

Pricing Models

Indonet offers pricing models that are tailored to meet client's specific requirements. Clients can choose from any one of our flexible pricing models or a combination of them for different phases of their project.

  • Fixed Fee
  • Time and Material
  • Retainer

Fixed Fee

When the functionality of the application is absolutely frozen then a fixed fee model will be an appropriate option. Indonet will give a costing based on the effort estimates agreed between indonet and the client. A the payment will be made at specific milestones e.g. on signing 30%, on delivery of first phase 30% final delivery 40%. Changes from the original specification will be managed through a change request management process, and will be charged accordingly.

Time & Material

If the scope of a project is not clearly defined and there is a possibility of the functionality expanding during the life of the project, then this the ideal model whereby the developers keep working on the project as and when functionalities and change requests are passed on and the billing is based on the no. of hours spent by the developers. Payment will be made on a monthly basis or on milestone basis


There will be situations especially in maintenance projects, where the team may not have work on a regular basis but whenever the work arrives, it may be of critical importance. Website updations and implementation of change requests for a live project fall under this category. Here the best model will be a retainer model, whereby the client pays Indonet a small retainer fee for keeping a resource in reserve and implement changes upto a certain no.of hours for free. For example, in a website, updation of a predefined no.of pages free for every month.