Most of our clients have been consistently supporting us with repeat assignments, demonstrating the faith they have in our process and commitment to quality.

1. (Java/JSP/Applet/Tomcat) for Thailand based client.

A complete eCommerce solution for selling precious stones on line. The business model is such that approved vendors (of precious stones) can upload description and image of their products. The client intervenes and makes modifications/ delete items and put up the items for online sales. Customers could browse through the products and make purchases - retail/wholesale online. Customers can also track the status of their orders online.

The important features in the package are:

  • Detailed Search for products based on specific characteristics.
  • A customized chat facility for customers to interact with the site. Implemented through Applet to Applet communication using Sockets.
  • Online payment capture through Bank of Asia payment gateway
  • Automation of Order Processing activities
  • B2B interactions with vendors.
  • Summary reports of total sales and others

2. (Java/JSP/Tomcat) for US Client

This is a 'Talent' portal where, talents such as Actors, Models, Writers, Musicians etc can host details about themselves (Resume, pictures, Audio, Video, Document file etc) and Talent Agents/Directors can track and contact Talents through an Advanced Search Mechanism. The site is secured through SSL via Digital certificate from Verisign. Also Onsite Credit Card Payment is enabled through use of PayflowPro Component of Verisign. We had developed the project in Five Phases, with each phase taking up additional functionalities. Even within every phase, we had periodic Development Releases, which went through internal testing. This ensured that we were on the right track in meeting Client's requirement and timely delivery.

3. Digidate: ( - Java/JSP/Tomcat) for US Client

This is a 'Match making' site with complex 'Searches' and passive pattern matches wherein the site identifies profile matches on a continual basis for registered members based on pre defined criteria. This is currently under development. We are following the phased approach with periodic Development Releases to ensure meeting all requirements and timely delivery.

4. Web based (Java/JSP/Tomcat) application for South Korean Client.

The application was meant to host brochures ( in pdf format as well as custom developed eBook format) for several products/Companies/Languages. The scope also included development of the eBook solution. Language barrier apart, the Client's approach to web design presented significant challenges. We had almost daily interactions with the client over chat/email and presented our queries and project status with graphic illustrations. Frequent concurrence with the client on queries and development issues was a major success factor in completing the project to satisfaction.

5. Intranet Application - Web based Management Information System (ASP/SQL SERVER)

The client is a major producer of wind energy and has wind farms spread over the country. The need was to record and summarize crucial MIS details such as production, downtime, order booking, payment detail, energy wheeling/banking, plant load factor for various site/wind turbines. The intranet has provision for generation of customized MIS reports for various time periods. The intranet also has provisions for specified clients who purchase power from the client to book orders and conduct transactions pertaining to them.